Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Worst

Subject:  Believing the Worst 
Quote:  “You’ve always been a sweet innocent looking creature, Jane, and all the time underneath nothing has ever surprised you, you always believe the worst.”
            “The worst is so often true,” murmured Miss Marple.
Character:  Mrs. Ruth Van Rydock and Miss Jane Marple
Chapter/Story:  1
Book Title/Copyright:  Murder With Mirrors (They Do It With Mirrors), 1952

Subject:  Thinking the Worst
Quote:  “Always think the worst, eh?” he asked.
            It seemed a curious doctrine to be proceeding from this charming and fragile-looking old lady.
            Oh, yes,” said Miss Marple fervently.  “I always believe the worst.  What is so sad is that one is usually justified in doing so.”
Character:  Inspector Neele and Miss Jane Marple
Chapter/Story:  24--i
Book Title/Copyright:  A Pocket Full of Rye, 1954